Understanding Hazmat Placards

hazmat placards and labels both serve the purpose of communicating hazard information to people but, despite the similarities, there are some important differences between the two as well. The basic difference is this: labels provide identifying information and hazard information about a particular product whereas placards identify the class into which a hazardous material falls. Placards are primarily used in hazardous materials transportation. Labels are designed for the end user.

Why Cabinet Coolers Are Better Than Heat Pipes and Air Conditioners

An industrial cabinet cooler is a way to provide air conditioning to electrical enclosures and purge or cool electronic control panels. They eliminate electronic control downtime caused by dirt, heat and moisture. This is the opposite of other cooling options, such as heat pipes and air conditioners. When weighed against cabinet coolers, air conditioners and heat pipes are considered unreliable. Below are reasons why cabinet coolers are more reliable than heat pipes and air conditioners.